Halloween Costumes: What to Wear When Hunting Vampires

Need vampire slayer costume ideas? Deciding on the perfect vampire inspired costume is important when attending a themed Halloween party and isn't always easy to pull off. Remember to stick to the theme but also be unique and creative so that you stick out from the other hunters, vampires and slayers at the event.
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Here are some spooktacular vampire slayer costume ideas to help kick off your costume planning:

Vampire Slayer Costumes: A vampire slayer is a fictitious that kills vampires, so the more blood and props you use in conjunction with this costume, the better.

  • For men: Wear an all black outfit with metal spike accessories (belt, cuff, ring). Carry fake vampire slaying equipment such as a plastic sword, plastic knife or plastic axe. Make the equipment look even scarier by smearing fake blood on the blades. Additional accessories to consider are things like a cape or a black hair wig.
  • For women: Wear an all black outfit (shirt and pants, skirt optional), black leather boots and metal jewelry (spike choker, spike cuff, hoop earrings). Complete the look with a black wig, gothic make-up and vampire slaying equipment. Some equipment ideas for women include a wooden stake or a plastic axe. Make the costume spookier by using fake blood on the end of the equipment and on your hands.

Vampire Hunter Costumes: The vampire hunter is a character who works to ward off vampires. When putting together this outfit, use items you find around your house.

  • For men: Start with some old work jeans and a big, beat up sweater or shirt in a dark color. Smudge a little bronzer or brown face paint on your face and accessorize with a necklace of garlic cloves strung together with some twine as a way to ward off the predator and a tiki torch to hold as a guide. For the finishing touch, have fake knives or wooden stakes hooked on a tool belt.
  • For women: Wear something very similar but make it more feminine by choosing an old tattered dress or skirt in a dark color. For make-up, smudge bronzer, eyeliner, and mascara on your face to make it look like you’ve been hunting in the wilderness. Accessorize with a garlic necklace, garlic bracelet, garlic earrings and weapons. Finalize your vampire hunter costume with a fake vampire location map and wooden torch.
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