Halloween Costume Party Idea: 90s TV Sitcom Characters

Some of the best Halloween costumes are modeled after real people, be it celebrities, presidents, movie characters, etc. This year make it fun for you AND your friends by picking Halloween costumes based on popular 90s TV sitcom characters! Your guests will have fun coming up with 90s Halloween costumes and they're sure to make everyone feel nostalgic.

Whether you decide to host a 90s Halloween costume party in honor of this memorable TV decade or if you just like the idea and want to find 90s Hallowen costume ideas, you're in the right place. Here are some creative costume ideas for this theme that work well alone or with a group:

  • Baywatch Babe or Stud: Women wear a red swimsuit; men wear red swim trunks and white tank top. Accessorize with whistles, sunglasses, and life ring.
  • Beverly Hills 90210 (the original): Everyone had their favorite student at West Beverly High. Guys, start growing your hair and those sideburns if you want to pull off Dylan's famous look. While girls can easily grab a blond or dark brown wig to transform themselves into Kelly or Brenda.
  • The Saved by the Bell Crew: Saved by the Bell reruns are on tv all the time so pick your favorite character and see what they wear. If you dress up like Zach, don't forget to have an oversized phone with you at all times!
  • Home Improvement: “Tim, the tool man Taylor” could be easily put together with a plaid shirt and a tool belt. If you want to really get creative try to dress like the hidden neighbor, Wilson. Wear his signature bucket hat and build a fence out of cardboard to carry around (or creatively attach) in front of you.
  • Family Matters: Everyone loves Steve Urkel! Accessorize this outfit with suspenders, glasses, and a goofy shirt.
  • Seinfeld: This iconic 90s TV sitcom is the perfect Halloween costume idea. Pick either Jerry, Elaine, Kramer, or George. Or, if you have a group of four people each dress up as a different character. Remember that whoever is Kramer needs to act the part as much as they have to look like him!

Some other sitcoms that you and your friends can be inspired by include The Fresh Prince of Bel Air, Blossom, and Full House! Once you’ve decided on a costume, complete your look with a variety of Halloween accessories

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