Halloween Candy Costume Ideas

Looking for something “sweet” to wear to a party or trick-or-treating? Try a candy Halloween costume! Celebrate your favorite confections such as M&Ms, candy canes, candy apples, candy corn, and Snickers. Adults and kids alike can get wrapped up in these clever costume ideas:

Candy Corn Costume

Nothing says Halloween like a piece of candy corn! Wear white pants, an orange shirt, and a yellow pointed hat. Paint your face yellow to complement the hat. Another idea is to make a candy corn shirt. Purchase orange, yellow, and white felt. Cut each piece of color felt into strips and glue them diagonally to a white shirt. Complete the look with white pants.

Got a little one at home? Check out this DIY candy cane costume for kids pictured below.

Candy Cane

Create candy cane costumes with a few simple supplies. You will need a white shirt, white pants, red felt, fabric glue, and face paint. Purchase a white shirt and white pants from a local clothing store. Visit your local arts and crafts store for the red felt and fabric glue, and find the face paint at a party store or Halloween store. Cut red stripes for the candy cane out of the red felt. Use the fabric glue to glue the stripes diagonally onto the clothing. Cover your face with white face paint, and draw a red diagonal stripe through the middle.

Candy Apple

Make candy apple costumes that look delicious! Visit your local craft store and purchase a very large styrofoam ball along with red and brown silky fabric. Cut the Styrofoam ball in half. Use one side for the front of your body, and the other side for the back. Lay the red fabric on a table, and the brown fabric on top. Cut the edge of the brown fabric in a squiggly line to represent the caramel covering the candy apple. Leave a hint of the red fabric in sight. Attach the two pieces of fabric together. Cut a hole in the center of the fabric for your head. Cut holes for your arms if there is enough fabric. Put your head through the hole, drape the fabric over your body and attach it to the Styrofoam balls. Wear off-white pants for the candy apple stick. Cover your arms with a red shirt.

M&M Costume

One of the classic candy Halloween costumes is the M&M. Create your version with just a few simple items from your local craft store. Purchase two large pieces of cardboard, colored felt (the color of your favorite M&M), matching ribbon, white felt, and a glue gun. Cut the cardboard and felt into two large circles. Glue the two pieces of felt to the two pieces of cardboard. These will create the front and back sides of your M&M. Trace the letters “M&M” on the white felt, cut them out, and glue them on the colored felt. Cut four holes in the corners of each piece of cardboard covered felt. Tie ribbon through the top holes securely. Place the costume over your head. The ribbons should rest on your shoulders like straps. Finally, tie ribbon through the bottom holes, and transform yourself into an M&M! Wear spandex pants and a shirt to match the color of your M&M.

Don't have time for all that crafting? Go super simple with this easy M+M costume idea pictured below.
m+m costume.jpg 53.25 KB


Create chocolate couture with a DIY Snickers costume! First, purchase brown pants and a brown sweatshirt. Next, make the Snickers label. Study a Snickers label on an actual candy bar or a picture online. Buy red, white, and blue felt at your local arts and crafts store. Cut a large rectangle out of the red felt. Cut a rectangle out of the white felt that is a bit smaller than the red felt. Cut letters that spell, “Snickers,” out of the blue felt. Glue the Snickers label to the brown outfit. Add the final touch, and create a brown hat with a squiggle at the top that mimics the end of the candy bar wrapper.

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