Hosting a Halloween Costume Exchange

Have you ever cleaned out the garage or your closets and come across costumes of Halloweens past? Host a Halloween costume swap party to get your friends together to exchange old costumes, accessories, and share ideas on homemade costumes. A costume exchange is a great way to get kids costumes too!
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You'll clean out your closet AND end up with a new, original costume for this year's round of Halloween parties — it's a win-win. Here are some Halloween costume exchange party ideas to help kick off your planning:

  • Set the date: When planning a Halloween clothes exchange party, timing is everything. You'll want to host the party at least four weeks before Halloween, the earlier the better. If one of your friends can’t find a costume or needs time to find the appropriate accessories (witches hat, capes, masks, etc.) they will need ample time to complete their costume. 

  • Invitations: Send online Costume Swap invitations to all of your friends, family, and neighbors to let them know the details of the event. Pick an invitation design that uses a Halloween color scheme and include images of costumes. Be sure to tell your guests to bring all of their old Halloween costumes and accessories. Items like a boa, magic wand, face paint, cowboy hat, or fake stethoscope can really help bring a costume together.
  • Party Prep: On the day of the party, prepare your party space for the costume swap. Make sure you have enough rooms available for everyone to display and try on outfits. People are going to be bringing everything from fairy wings to pirate swords to witch’s brooms, so you want to make sure you have enough room. And don't forget the mirrors so people can see how they look!

  • Food & Beverage: Your costume swap party will also be a great way to get everyone into the Halloween spirit. Play Halloween music and serve some favorite fall snacks like pumpkin bread, pumpkin cookies, caramel apples, and mini Halloween candies for your guests to enjoy while you try on one another’s old costumes. Hot mulled apple cider is also the perfect fall beverage to serve at your Halloween costume swap party.
Once everyone has selected their new costume from the exchange, have everyone try on their costume of choice. This way the other guests can provide suggestions for ways each guest can complete their look! Come back together on Halloween with the finished Halloween costume looks!
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