Roses are a beautiful and elegant flower that can be used in almost every aspect of a special event such as a wedding. The flower girl can sprinkle rose petals as she walks down the aisle and lovely rose arrangements can be used as table centerpieces. Roses can also be used in corsages and boutonnieres and in the bridal bouquet of flowers.

Roses come in a wide variety of species, hybrids, and colors. The color of the rose can often indicate your feelings for the recipient. For example, red roses usually mean love or romance; pink roses show your appreciation or admiration for someone, yellow roses are often used for friendship, demonstrating feelings of warmth or happiness; and white roses express purity and are traditionally used for marriage or new beginnings.

Send a beautiful rose bouquet to someone you know or include them in the floral arrangements of your special event. Their brilliant colors and unmatched elegance will grab the attention of everyone at your special event.

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