Balloons transform an event space unlike any other type of décor. A strategically placed balloon arch works well both indoors and outdoors. Ideal over a head table or entrance, balloon arches can combine any number of colors in a variety of patterns and sizes. Other types of popular balloon arrangements include a balloon bouquet and balloon flower.

Party balloons make terrific centerpieces and can turn a dull event space into a magical fantasy of color and movement. Balloon centerpieces are fun for events because guests can often take them home at the end of the party. A nice centerpiece might include a combination of helium balloons with mylar balloons that go with the party theme.

A balloon artist can help you decorate for many types of events from more formal events such as weddings and bar mitzvahs to casual events like birthday parties and graduation parties. With the flexibility to choose specific colors and specialty balloons, balloon arrangements can range from the simple to the ornate and will undoubtedly add elegance to your event.

Check out the websites of the balloon vendors in your area to get an idea of balloon art that they create. Once you've found a balloon vendor in your area, they will likely have you in for a consultation during which you can tell them what you need in terms of quantity, colors, and timing. Also specify if you need birthday balloons or another type of specialty balloon.

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