Helium Tanks

Helium balloons are the most popular types of balloons for events. Many stores sell pre-fill balloons for your event, but also rent helium tanks to customers who prefer to fill balloons themselves. Helium tank rental is a smart option for anyone hosting an event that will require many balloons.

Helium tanks come in several sizes depending on the quantity of balloons you plan on filling. If you have a large space that will require a portable helium tank, renting a smaller tank makes more sense. A smaller tank will allow for more portability.

A helium tank rental service will equip you with different valves depending on the type of balloons you are filling. Mylar balloons and latex balloons use different valves, so be sure to ask for the right type. Balloon suppliers are knowledgeable and will be happy to provide lessons to customers who rent helium tanks, so be sure to ask lots of questions!

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