Balloon Arches

If you are decorating a large-scale event space for a big event, a balloon arch is a great option. Balloon arches and other balloon sculptures are dramatic for entrances into proms, fundraisers, and bat-mitzvahs.

In addition to entranceways, balloon arches provide excellent decor for events like wedding ceremonies. If you are holding your wedding ceremony in an outdoor space, or a reception hall where decor is limited, a balloon arch marks the spot to say, "I do." Balloon arches can also be used above the long head tables to make the guest of honor's table that much more special. Balloon columns also make nice additions to wedding decor.

A skilled balloon artist can create balloon arches and columns of varying sizes. Whether you prefer a single strand of balloons, or a fat balloon arch composed of several strands, balloon artists can help create an arch that fits the scale of your space and size of your event.

Balloon Arches by State

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