The party venue for a wedding or special event is often one of the first things that couples and party hosts think about when planning their event. This is because not only does the availability of potential party locations dictate the date of the big day, but it can also set the scene for the entire event.

A banquet hall in a hotel is very different from golf course, which is very different from a mansion. Each of these event venues convey something different. Do you want your party indoors or outdoors? Do you want a big space or a more intimate space? Do you want a formal event, or a more casual affair? Do you want the event space to include catering and wait staff? Do you want your wedding reception venue to be different from the ceremony? There are many questions to ask yourself to narrow down your choices.

Museums, aquariums, old post offices, and train stations have become increasingly popular party locations. The architecture and open space of these buildings provides a unique setting for larger events such as weddings and galas and gives guests plenty to chat about.

Outdoor spaces often lend themselves to special events, particularly during the warmer months, particularly an outdoor wedding. It is generally a good idea to find an outdoor space that also has an indoor space or tent as a backup plan for bad weather. Gazebos, gardens and courtyards are all wonderful settings for pictures as well as for the entertainment.

Once you've looked at a few possible reception sites, you'll get a better idea if you prefer banquet halls or more casual locations such as a restaurant. Either way, ask if you can visit the venue when there is an event going on so you can see how they set up the space and how it looks with the lighting, decorations, and people!

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