Bowling is one of the most popular activities for kids' birthday parties. However, a bowling party is also a great activity for a going away party, birthday, or company outing. Fun for all ages, bowling lets you show your competitive side but also is a fun way to socialize between turns.

Bowling alleys have come a long way since the days of paper scorecards and funny shoes. Bowling is making a comeback with trendy bowling alleys that serve mixed drinks, play upbeat music, and have electronic scoring. Mood lighting, gourmet food, and flat screen TVs have made some urban bowling centers as popular as the local bars.

If you're planning a party at a bowling center, search our database for the locations in your area. If the swanky bowling alley isn't your speed, there are plenty of traditional bowling alleys where you can host your bowling party. Call ahead to reserve bowling lanes and see if they have special packages for parties and events!

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