Bridal Shower Venues

There are many exciting moments between getting engaged and walking down the aisle. One of the most anticipated events for any bride-to-be is the bridal shower. Usually hosted by the mother-of-the bride or the bridesmaids, the bridal shower is a time to celebrate with friends and family while getting everything a couple needs to start their life together.

Wedding showers are sometimes hosted at someone's house, but often they are held at a larger bridal shower venue. Since bridal showers can range from 20 to 100 guests (or even more), it's often easier to take the party to a venue more suited for larger events such as restaurants or hotels.

If you're planning a bridal brunch or afternoon affair, search our bridal shower venue database to find a beautiful location for your event. Narrow down your list of bridal shower venues to a few then go see them in person. Once you see the space, you can then begin working on the theme and bridal shower decorations.

Bridal Shower Venues by State

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