Mylar Balloons

Mylar balloons are a festive addition to any balloon bouquet. Characterized by their crinkly foil, they can be found in endless shapes, colors, and sizes. Mylar balloons can be found in the shape of children's favorite characters, making them a big hit with the little ones.

In addition to movie and book characters, Mylar balloons can be found in a variety of fun shapes that will fit whatever theme your party may have. Hosting a baseball party? You can find Mylar balloons in the shape of baseballs, bats, and even hot dogs! Mylar balloons allow for a lot of flexibility and can be adapted to your party personality.

To make a big statement, order jumbo Mylar balloons for your next party. Jumbo balloons will delight children and give your guests a fun conversation piece. Call your local balloon company to see if they stock jumbo Mylar balloons.

Mylar Balloons by State

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