A boutonniere is a floral decoration worn for formal occasions including proms, weddings, and other types of special events. Boutonnieres can be composed of a wide variety of flowers, but they are most commonly made with roses and carnations.

The word boutonniere comes from the French word for "button-hole," as the flower is traditionally won on the left lapel pushed through the buttonhole. In the past, boutonnieres were commonly worn during everyday tasks and outings. But today, boutonnieres are reserved for more formal occasions and special events.

Typically for prom boutonnieres, the girl would purchase the flower for her date to wear to match her corsage and dress. The pinning of the prom boutonniere on a suit jacket is a great moment to capture on film with a camera. It can often be tricky for the girl to pin the boutonniere upright without poking her date or having the flower flop over. It's often a moment resulting in laughter, making it the perfect icebreaker before the limo ride to prom!

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