Your date has taken care of the dress, the jewelry, and the hair. Don't forget one of the most important finishing touches - the corsage! An essential for most proms, a corsage is a sweet gesture given to a prom date. Generally worn on the wrist, corsages are small bouquets of flowers and filler greens attached to an elastic wristband.

A prom corsage is often coordinated to match the boy's boutonniere, symbolizing unity between the couple. Most thoughtful guys will ask their date what color her dress is, so they can coordinate the appropriate flower color for a wrist corsage. Giving a date a corsage is a nice moment that is fun to capture on film.

Because a corsage is symbolic of a milestone event, some people choose to preserve or dry their prom corsages as a memento of their big event. To dry a corsage, simply hang it upside down. Once it is dry, you can display or save in a box for a sweet memory.

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