From lush pink peonies to elegant white calla lilies, wedding bouquets can take many forms and act as an expression of your personality. The first choice in deciding on the perfect bridal bouquet is whether you would like to incorporate color. Some brides go for traditional all white, while others find that a brightly colored bouquet really pops against their white wedding dresses.

An all-white bouquet is an elegant choice and sets the bride apart from the rest of the wedding party. If you choose this option, outfit your bridesmaids with smaller bouquets or nosegays in vibrant colors. Love purple? Try purple bouquets for the bridesmaids.

The shape of a bouquet is another factor in creating a personalized bouquet. Do you like the clean look of a composed, globe of flowers? Or, do you prefer the more natural look of loose, cascading flowers? Knowing your personal preferences helps your florist create a flower bouquet that is a real reflection of you.

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