Cheesecake is a divine type of dessert made from a soft, cheese base that has been sweetened with sugar. Some cheesecakes are also topped with fruit, nuts, and chocolate for additional sweet tastes and variety. Cheesecakes are a great type of dessert to serve at any event. Their smooth texture and rich flavor will cause guests to ask for a second piece!

Cheesecake has been around since the 1872 when New Yorker William Lawrence found a way to make un-ripened cheese heavier and creamier. Lawrence's accidental discovery led to the development of dozens of different types of cheesecakes that are enjoyed by people all around the world.

The type and flavor of cheesecake can differ greatly depending on where you are. In Sweden, cheesecakes are baked in an oven and served warm. French cheesecakes are very light and only stand an inch or two tall. In Argentina, cheesecake is typically served with berry marmalade on top.

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