Birthday Cakes

Birthday cakes have been an important part of birthday tradition for centuries. From the lighting of the candles to singing happy birthday, a birthday celebration would not be complete without a decadent birthday cake.

Another popular ritual associated with a birthday is blowing out the candles on the birthday cake. Many people in Western cultures believe that in the moments before blowing out their birthday candles, if the person makes a secret wish then the wish will come true within the year. This tradition can be traced back to sometime around the 18th century in Germany. During Kinderfest, the celebration of a child's birthday, colorful flaming candles would often be placed on top of a birthday cake or other type of dessert.

Between chocolate cakes, vanilla cakes, funfetti cakes, and cookie cakes, there are certainly a wide variety of flavors to choose from for your birthday cake. Cake designers can help you to create a unique birthday cake that reflects your personality and that everyone at your birthday party will be sure to enjoy.

Birthday Cakes by State

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