Wedding Music

There are many things to consider when planning a wedding and one of the most important is the type of music to play. DJ or band? What genres of music? Should we define the playlist? These are some of the questions to ask yourself.

Choosing the right wedding music can certainly make or break the day. You want your guests out of their seats and on the dance floor all night, so take the time to make the right choice. The style, theme and venue of your wedding will help determine type of wedding music you should play. You also want to make sure it matches with the interests and personalities of the newly married couple. Rock, jazz, blues, swing, pop, top 40? You can always request a mix of genres to appeal to all guests.

One of the best ways to get a feel for the DJ or band is to see them live at an event. Often times, entertainers will let you know where you can see the live, so it will give you a sense of how they perform and engage with the crowd. This will make you feel confident in who you hire for your wedding music since it’s a big part of the celebration.

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