Vendors in Louisiana

A visit to Louisiana is sure to include spicy food and southern charm. The state boasts unique heritage and displays it through architecture, music, and food. From Lafayette to New Orleans, food lovers will take a bite out of Creole cooking and will enjoy exploring the Louisiana Culinary Trails. The state has seven trails connecting restaurants devoted to different types of cooking. Gumbo lovers can head to Lafayette to satisfy a craving, while beignet fans can visit New Orleans to stifle a sweet tooth.

New Orleans has a wealth of other activities to entertain guests. The city is the birthplace of Jazz and therefore home to many jazz clubs and music halls. Nightlife contrasts with antiquated architecture in the French Quarter. The city really turns up the volume in February when residents and visitors celebrate Mardi Gras. Festive costumes and colorful floats parade down the street during this week of reverie.

For a more peaceful view of Louisiana, cruise down the Mississippi river in a riverboat. Whether you are planning a party, wedding, or conference, Louisiana has a variety of options. Elegant hotels, historic plantations, and lively music venues add character and infuse Louisiana culture into any event.

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