Christmas Tree Pizza Recipe

If you’re looking for fun Christmas recipes to try, check out this Christmas tree pizza recipe for a simple and easy way to break up the holiday routine of sweets and heavy food. Christmas pizza is a perfect way to get in the holiday spirit and to get the whole family involved in making dinner for a change. You can also use this fun Christmas food as a festive option for a casual holiday dinner party. Choose from one of Punchbowl's free online holiday invitations!
To start, you'll need pizza dough (store bought will do just fine) and any ingredients you and your family prefer to eat on pizza. Roll your dough out on a lightly floured surface, and then use a knife to trim away the excess dough so that the remaining shape is a Christmas tree. Decorate your pizza with all of your favorite Christmas-colored decorations, bake, and voila! Your whole family will love fun Christmas recipes for kids like this.
If you like white pizzas, buy a thick, creamy cheese like raw mozzarella or ricotta and apply liberally over a coating of olive oil to the Christmas tree pizza dough base. Then paint on a pesto glaze and decorate with tomatoes, peppers, or anything you like! The green of the pesto will be perfect to evoke a Christmas feel without overpowering the pizza.
If you're more of a red pizza person, go straight to a liberal application of red sauce, shredded mozzarella and whatever vegetables strike your fancy. Use finely-diced peppers and chopped tomatoes to represent the  ornaments, and a piece of orange cheddar as the star on the top of the tree.
Add Christmas pizza to your collection of fun recipes for Christmas! The best thing about these pizzas is that they allow you and your family to get creative during the holiday season. If you don't celebrate Christmas, not to worry! You can always keep your pizza dough in the shape of a circle and decorate it as a big, delicious holiday ornament or cut it into a box shape and decorate it as a holiday gift. Either way, it's sure to be delicious and a fun cooking activity for all to enjoy! And remember to kickoff your celebration with one of our free Christmas party invitations! 
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