13th Birthday Ideas

A 13th birthday party is very special day in your son or daughter’s life and you probably need 13th birthday party ideas! Whether you’ve decided to host a big birthday bash or a small surprise party, you are going to need to plan ahead to organize all the important details. Try to personalize the event so it fits your son or daughter’s tastes - which probably change all the time! Here are some great ideas for a 13th birthday:

  • Make the Guest List: Work with your son and daughter to build the guest list for the party. Set a limit on the number of guests depending on where the party is going to be held. If there will be a large number of kids there, you may want to ask another parent to help serve food, supervise or clean up afterwards.
  • Pick a Theme: No birthday party is complete without a theme! Some great 13th birthday party theme ideas are: Hollywood, the 70s, Rock N' Roll or a tropical luau. Once there's a theme, get decorations and other party supplies for the big event. Favor ideas for the 13th birthday party are: cds, a book based on the theme or a basket of candy.
  • Add Some Fun: If the party is in the summer, throw a pool party or have a water balloon fight. If the birthday party is in the middle of winter, some fun activities are sledding, ice skating or a snowman contest. If you are looking for something unique for the guests to do at the party, take everyone to laser tag, bowling or miniature golf. Going to a water park or theme park would also be a great idea for a 13th birthday party if you have another parent to help supervise. Whatever you decide, make sure that it is something that your son or daughter will enjoy!

As the big 13th birthday approaches, talk with your child about the expectations for their party. Teenagers often want more freedom at the party (like, no parents allowed). Depending on the size of the party, the party venue and the entertainment, there will be various levels of parental supervision required so make sure you are both comfortable with the arrangement.

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