How to Plan a Sleepover Birthday Party

Trying to find a fun birthday party theme for your child or teenager? Go with a slumber party! The birthday girl can invite over all of her friends for a casual dinner followed by games and activities before it’s time to turn out the lights.

Grab your sleeping bag and fluffy pillows and start planning the perfect sleepover birthday party! Here are a few ways to get started:

Invitations: Send out a fun, online invitation to guests to let them know all the party details. You could choose a specific theme such as a movie night or ice cream social – or stick to the slumber party as the theme. Personalize with the guest of honor’s name and any important information for guests to know.

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Games: There are so many fun games for a sleepover birthday party! From classics like “hide and seek” to a unique scavenger hunt, activities and games help keep everyone entertained.

Decorations: Keep it simple! Create a cozy area for when the girls go to bed. It could be in the living room or den, or the birthday girl’s bedroom depending on how many people are invited. Draped fabric can make a chic tent area, and fuzzy pillows and blankets help set the scene.

Food & Beverage: Make sure to let guests know if dinner is provided. If so, something quick such as pizza or pasta is an easy way to feed a larger group. Plus, cleanup is fast! Prepare a “midnight snack” as a surprise, even if it’s served earlier. S’mores, a candy buffet, cookies and milk, or movie-theater inspired snacks will all delight guests.

How to Plan a Sleepover Birthday Party

The best thing about a sleepover birthday party is how easy the party will come together! Once you pick the date, time, and theme, send out online invitations and easily track RSVPs. Start to plan your menu and activities once you have an accurate head count. And most importantly, have fun! 

For even more ideas, check out our Slumber Birthday Party Ideas board on Pinterest!

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