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296 E Main St.

Ashland, OR 97520

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Essential Wellness is a beautifully renovated 2000 Sq. Foot space. We have 3 rental spaces available or you may rent the entire space. This is a unique space as it is 3 types of spaces all in one so you may choose to utilize just one area or the entire space. We are "Cafe Aroma".

CAFE- All of our food is all organic, gluten free, vegetarian, non gmo and all food is lovingly prepared with the infusion of the Young Living essential oils. Remember essential oils that are Therapeutic Grade like the Young Living oils are, are not just some smell good oil you can put in your bath or make candles with they are very safe to take internally so you may be used to eating let's say Lemongrass soup at your favorite Thai restaurant and they use the lemongrass dried herb for that delicious lemongrass flavoring. We use the essential oil which is the lifeblood of the plant it's the most potent and "real" not some flavoring. Essential oils containing the highest oxygenating molecules and the highest known frequencies the food them becomes super high frequency! And this is where we are so rare and so unique. we can cater your event, party or workshop. You can ask our past customers will talk about our food for weeks after! We can customize a specific menu for your event. you do not have to even be limited to our menu. It will be vegetarian, organic and made with essential oils though!


1. SkyLight Loft We have a beautiful wood floor loft space upstairs with two skylights and an open space. we have 40 comfortable cushioned folding chairs available 2 different sided fold tables, 1 gorgeous handmade 8 ft wood table with 8 high stools. A antique love seat, 2 gorgeous 6 panels on each one privacy screen, We do have a screen and projector to rent if need be. We have had concerts, yoga classes, book signings, lectures, film showings, health & wellness classes, private birthday parties, anniversary parties, special art classes etc..

2. AromaDome® Wellness Room This space has 10 wood platform beds perfect for renting for a healers retreat where you would normally have massage tables. each is however designed to fold flat against the wall to then make it into one big open space.There is a beautiful hand made bamboo trellis on the ceiling covering the lights so they dim beautifully through the rice paper. Each wood platform has a foam cushion with a beautiful hand sewn cover on it, each station has a small table with a salt lamp This all can remain or be put away according to your needs. This space is perfect for events wanting to have a sacred space for sound healing or a healing workshop or everything can be moved to make it one big open space for a party venue, or any kind of dance class, or a dance space for a party. Best to check it out in person!

3. Cafe Aroma We have a beautiful open cafe with wood floors we have 2 big wood tables with leafs that can be added for seating up to 8 0r 10 people each and we have a corner kitchen brunch table that sits 5 people as well as another wood table that can fit 4-6 people. We can also move the big handmade wood table downstair for usage as well. This space can be used for any kind of party of your choice. you may choose to have your own food. We have incredible high end music speakers and use of a stereo. the sound is phenomenal in there with our gorgeous high open ceiling . so for concerts, or open mike, trivial pursuit, karaoke night whatever you want to do. We do have use of one 55" Smart TV if need be.

Catering: You may choose for us to cater your event or party or bring your own food. Our kitchen is in the front room.

We are available to rent for a few hours, a half day, a full day, or two days.

Our hours now are Tuesday-Saturday Closed Sundays and Mondays

For more info. please contact the owner Julie Chertow at 541-482-6888 or at the actual space 541-552-1244 and ask to speak to the manager

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