TLR: The Living Room

2423 W North Ave

Chicago, IL 60647


Our 1,500 sq ft venue comfortably seats 30+ at tables, 45+ as an audience, and 75 standing.


1. a kitchenette+island with plenty of counter space and full-size fridge, + blender, toaster, microwave, crock pots, hotplates, electric burners, and a coffee machine setup, 2. vintage, tuned upright piano, 3. up to 3 living room areas in various configurations or 2 living rooms + 1 food area, 4. mobile standing whiteboards, 5. a projector with 108″ portable screen + a 60″ plasma TV 6. 60 stackable chairs + 12 tables of varying sizes for dining/catering/display, 7.(4) Highboy/cocktail tables. 8. and a bluetooth-enabled surround-sound speaker system.

We are BYOB and open to all vendors/caterers.

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