Sesame Street 1st Birthday

A Sesame Street birthday is a great theme for a 1st birthday party! Decide beforehand if you want to focus your party on Sesame Street as a whole or just your child’s favorite character. Some Sesame Street birthday themes that focus solely on characters include Elmo, Oscar the Grouch, Big Bird, or Abby Cadabby. Whatever you choose, you will be able to personalize it for your little one’s first birthday celebration.

  • Invitations: Send out free Sesame Street invitations three or four weeks prior to the big event. On the invitations write Sesame Street phrases like “B is for Birthday” or “Count Von Count says [Name] is turning one!” Begin by selecting your favorite design from the Sesame Street online invitations collection, adding your event details, and sharing the Sesame Street invite with your guests via email or social media. 

Sesame Street First 1st Birthday Online Invitation

Sesame Street First 1st Birthday Online Invitations

  • Decorations: Create your Sesame Street experience before guests even enter the party. Draw Big Bird’s footprints with yellow chalk on your front walk to lead your guests to the party. Hang up a sign that says “Welcome to Sesame Street” on the front door of your house. Decorate the party room with colorful balloons, streamers, and confetti. Primary colors like red, blue, and yellow will work best for your Sesame Street birthday party decorations. Hang up pictures and posters of various Sesame Street characters including Mr. Noodle and Dorothy the Fish. Another Sesame Street birthday idea is to make a few large alphabet blocks out of cardboard boxes. Cover the boxes with construction paper or solid wrapping paper. Draw one letter on each side of the box.
  • Food: Set up a delicious buffet table with a variety of delicious foods. You could also place signs next to each dish that says what the food is. For example, you could write “P is for pasta” and “S is for Salad.” Try to incorporate as many letters of the alphabet as you can. For drinks, serve Big Bird’s milkshakes and Elmo’s apple juice. If there are going to be younger kids at your party, you can serve them Amazing Mumford’s peanut butter sandwiches.
  • Sesame Street Cake: Make or buy a delicious Sesame Street birthday cake. If you are feeling ambitious, make an extra-special, three tiered Sesame Street cake for your little one’s big day. To make this impressive cake, bake three circular cakes of different sizes. Then, in three separate bowls, mix vanilla frosting with red, yellow, and green food coloring. Then, frost the largest of the cakes using the red icing. Then, carefully place the second largest cake on top of the red cake. Then carefully frost this second tier of the cake green. Then, carefully place the top tier onto the green cake. Frost the top tier cake with yellow icing. Then, use frosting tips to draw Sesame Street faces onto each of the tiers of cake. For example, draw Elmo’s face on the red tier, Kermit’s face on the green tier, and Big Bird’s face on the yellow tier. If you are worried about your frosting decorating skills, you can also get Sesame Street cake toppers to complete your birthday cake.

It's always good to take inspiration from the show. As you watch an episode with your child, pay attention for ways you can incorporate other aspects of Sesame Street into your party! Visit the Sesame Street online invitations collection on Punchbowl to get started. 

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