Mickey Mouse 1st Birthday

Mickey Mouse is a favorite character for kids of all ages! He is also a great character from which to build a party theme. For your Mickey Mouse 1st birthday party, you can keep it all about Mickey or incorporate other favorite Disney characters like Donald Duck and Minnie Mouse to add to the fun!


Send Mickey Mouse themed invitations to your close friends and family members. Customize the invite and write a cute message on the invitations like “Mickey Mouse is here to say that [Name] is turning one! Hip hip hooray!” You can also include a Disney-inspired gift registry with your invitations. For example, Punchbowl allows you to add an Amazon wish list with your invitation. Add items like Disney movies, stuffed animals, and PJs to the wish list so your child gets the full Disney experience.


For your Mickey Mouse birthday party, decorate using primarily red, white, yellow, and black. Cut out a large Mickey Mouse head using black construction paper. Then, cut out colorful letters to glue to the Mickey head cutout that reads “Welcome to the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse!” Hang the cutout near the entrance of your party. You can also purchase Mickey Mouse birthday supplies like plates, napkins, and cutlery to add to your party theme. Hang up streamers around the room for the party as well as a “Happy Birthday” banner. Balloons are a vibrant and colorful way to set the scene for the party. Cover your ceiling with blue balloons to look like the sky and clusters of white balloons to look like clouds. You can also stack green balloons around the room to look like trees and shrubs by tying them with brown ribbon.

Dessert Ideas

A Mickey Mouse birthday cake is an essential element of this birthday celebration! Bake a cake for the party or have one professionally made at a bakery. To enhance the party theme, present your ice cream in a very special way...Scoop vanilla and chocolate ice cream into red cupcake liners. Then place two mini Oreos on the top of the ice cream as ears. Place them in the freezer until your party. When it comes time to serve cake and ice cream at your Mickey Mouse birthday party, pull the individual ice cream scoops out of the freezer. They'll look cute and you won’t have to worry about scooping the ice cream and making a mess!
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If there are going to be kids attending your baby’s Mickey Mouse birthday party, set up some fun Mickey Mouse themed games and activities. Some examples are: pin the bow on Minnie Mouse or Disney charades with their favorite Disney characters. Another fun game for them to play is Mickey Says (similar to the game Simon Says). Have one of the older kids be the leader. The leader must then go through a series of actions that the younger children must repeat. But the kids should only repeat an action if the leader says “Mickey says.” For example if the leader says “Touch your toes” without saying “Mickey says” then that child is out of the game until the next round.


What is a Mickey Mouse party without the classic Mickey Mouse ears? Mickey's ears make a terrific party favor for kids of all ages. You can also give out Disney stickers, mini-stuffed animals, or small Disney storybooks.

Thank You eCard

Last but not least, send a Mickey Mouse Thank You eCard after the party. Let guests know how much you appreciated them joining you and your birthday kiddo!
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