Plan a Nickelodeon Birthday Party

A Nickelodeon party is perfect for both boys and girls of all ages. Get inspired by the colorful cast of characters from beloved Nickelodeon TV shows--SpongeBob, Dora, Ninja Turtles, and more!

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Here are a few Nickelodeon party ideas and themes to help you host a fabulous Nickelodeon birthday party:

  • SpongeBob: Want a magical under the sea party theme? If so, then a Spongebob party is a superb idea! There are tons of ways to bring Bikini Bottom to your party with the decorations, food, and activities. Some SpongeBob party favorites are: Sandy Cheeks’ Acorn Treats, Krabby Patty Burgers, and Coconut Bowling! Check out more SpongeBob party ideas and our SpongeBob online invitations.

  • Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: If your birthday boy or girl loves an action-packed day, then a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme is a fabulous choice. Easy-to-make Ninja Turtle masks are the perfect way for the little superheroes to feel like they’re one of the Ninja Turtles. Incorporate a game of Pin-the-Pepperoni-on-the-Pizza into your party because we all know the Ninja Turtles love pizza! Here are more brilliant Ninja Turtles party ideas and our Ninja Turtles online invitations!

  • Dora The Explorer: A Dora party is great for little ones with an adventurous side. The food ideas are fabulous, such as map cheese sticks and Tico’s Taco Bar! The kids will also have a blast with a Dora scavenger hunt. Read about more unique Dora the Explorer party ideas and our Dora the Explorer online invitations.

Plan a Nickelodeon Birthday Party

  • Bubble Guppies: Throw an adorable underwater party for your birthday boy or girl! Bring the theme to life by making your own jellyfish! An under the sea Marshmallow Pop is a delicious and creative Bubble Guppies treat! Discover more spectacular Bubble Guppies party ideas and our Bubble Guppies online invitations!

You can’t go wrong with any of these wonderful themes inspired by Nickelodeon friends. Enjoy your little one’s special day with these great Nickelodeon party ideas!

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