How to Host a Sushi Party

Challenge your party planning skills with your next birthday party idea and throw a sushi party for you and all of your friends. Plan a sushi birthday party theme for a fun and educational experience. Celebrate your birthday and enjoy a delicious meal all at the same time.

How to Host a Sushi Party

Try some of these sushi party ideas:
  • Invitations: Plan your event on Punchbowl to access sushi party invitations to send to your party guests. Include information such as the name of the event, name of the birthday guy or gal, date, time, and location. Email the invitation 4-6 weeks in advance of the sushi birthday party.
  • Decorations: Deck your residence or venue with beautiful sushi party decorations. Put throw pillows on the floor and dine around a coffee table. Create a stunning table with sushi and sake sets. Accent the sets with Japanese lanterns and rocks displayed in balanced formations.
  • Activities: Hire a sushi chef or “Itamae” for the night to show you the ropes, and help with the sushi party menu. Throw a make your own sushi party, and have a work station set up for each guest or couple. Gather the necessary supplies, which include bamboo sushi mats, bamboo rice paddles, a knife, chop sticks for eating, and ingredients for the meal. After preparing the food, offer each guest a hot, wet towel or “oshibori.”
  • Favors: Pass out sushi party favors at the conclusion of the birthday party. Roll bamboo sushi mats, rice paddles, and chop sticks together with a beautiful red ribbon, and have guests take them home as favors.
Celebrate your birthday with a sophisticated and chic theme. Encourage your guests to become sushi fanatics and learn a new craft that will bring them pleasure for years to come!
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