How to Celebrate Memorial Day

Are you wondering how to celebrate Memorial Day this year? Honor the memory of those who lost their lives in battle by planning a Memorial Day celebration. Consider activities such as boating, a cookout, watching fireworks or going on a weekend getaway.

Memorial Day celebration ideas include:

  • Boating: If you have a boat, spend your Memorial Day weekend enjoying it. If not, charter one for the day or rent a pontoon boat to cruise around a local lake or reservoir. For large gatherings on the boat, consider contacting a local caterer and bartender to serve food and drinks. Be sure to have bottles of champagne on board to make a special toast! Consider working with the bartender in advance to create a signature cocktail for the evening. Get in the Memorial Day mode by naming the drink in honor of the weekend. Pick a name like, “Memorial Day Martini.”
  • Cookout: A great way to gather family and friends to celebrate Memorial Day weekend is to throw a cookout. Cook hotdogs, hamburgers, chicken and steak tips on the grill. For side dishes, serve pasta salad, potato salad and coleslaw. Great dessert options include strawberry shortcake, red, white and blue sugar cookies and pie. Make lemonade and ice tea for drinks and then freeze an assortment of berries in ice for a flavorful twist. Entertain guests by planning games such as ring toss, volleyball and badminton.

                                             Memorial Day BBQ

  • Fireworks: Check your local town Website to see if a fireworks show is scheduled for Memorial Day weekend. Another option is to check the Websites of surrounding towns. Depending on the location of the fireworks, watch them from the back of a truck or SUV. Another option is to lay down a blanket or set up folding chairs. Bring snacks, drinks and don’t forget bug spray!
  • Weekend Getaway: Plan a weekend getaway with family or with a group of friends. Ask friends if they are interested in renting a house for the weekend, and divide the cost. Plan cookouts, beach days, trips to the local ice-cream parlor and shopping excursions. Consider inviting a nanny along to watch the children while the adults go out to “play.”
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