Today's Reason to Celebrate

July 15, 2020 was

Tax Day

It’s Tax Day! Today is the day that tax returns are due to the United States federal government. Although this might not be the jolliest of occasions, checking this particular item off your to-do list is definitely worth celebrating. Send a free Tax Day eCard to congratulate your friends on surviving the paperwork!

Every year since 1955, people have paid their taxes on April 15, except when this date falls on a weekend, holiday, or observed holiday. (In that case, Tax Day is the following business day.) In 2020, the federal government delayed tax day by three months for the first time ever in response to the coronavirus pandemic. Federal income tax was first established by the Revenue Act of 1861. Its purpose was to fund the Civil War. Over the years there have been several Supreme Court cases that have challenged the constitutionality of income taxes.

To celebrate Tax Day, send in your tax return and relax for the rest of the day. You won’t have to worry about taxes again for a whole year!

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