Today's Reason to Celebrate

May 12, 2024 is

National Nutty Fudge Day

Between the crunchy nuts and chocolatey smooth fudge flavor, it's hard to resist nutty fudge! Did you know that fudge was accidentally invented in the United States in the late 1880's when a baker was trying to make caramel? Fudge recipes began appearing around the world in many different variations following it's serendipitous creation. To this day, nutty fudge remains one of the most popular fudge recipes.

Did you know that Cole Porter, an American composer and songwriter from 1920s-1950s, loved fudge so much that he used to have nine pounds of it shipped to him each month from his hometown? Now that's some serious dedication to your taste buds!

To celebrate National Nutty Fudge Day, buy some to enjoy with coworkers, friends and family. Yum!