Today's Reason to Celebrate

October 09, 2023 is

Indigenous Peoples' Day

Today is Indigenous Peoples’ Day. For thousands of years, indigenous people have shaped the history and culture of North America, and have made incredible contributions to the arts, agriculture, language, social institutions, government, and much more. Indigenous Peoples’ Day commemorates these cultural achievements and honors indigenous peoples in the United States.

The holiday is celebrated on the second Monday in October, and serves as a counter-holiday to Columbus Day. The counter-holiday movement dates back to 1977. Participants at the United Nations "International Conference on Discrimination against Indigenous Populations in the Americas" initiated the first proposal to rename Columbus Day. In 1990, South Dakota became the first state to replace Columbus Day with "Native American Day." Now, “Indigenous Peoples’ Day” is observed by at least 14 states, and more than 130 cities across the country.

To celebrate Indigenous Peoples’ Day, take some time to learn more about the history, rights, and cultural contributions of indigenous peoples. You can also send a free Indigenous Peoples’ Day card to help raise awareness about this important holiday.