Personalize Your Family Reunion

Who says that family get-togethers can only occur during the winter holidays? The spring and summer can also be great times to gather everyone since the weather is nice and schedules tend to be a bit more flexible. Whether you plan a day at the beach, a family cookout, or a weekend up at the lake, the combination of warm weather, great food, and your loved ones will make for a terrific family reunion.

Planning a family reunion for your family? Here are a few suggestions for how to make the event personal and memorable for all!

  1. Use a family photo on your invitation. Choose a digital invitation design from Punchbowl that fits your reunion activity (bowling, beach, cookout, etc.) and customize it with a picture of the whole family from the last time you were together. It will definitely get everyone excited for the event and add a personal touch!
  2. Ask relatives to bring their famous dishes. Make the event a potluck and have relatives sign up to bring certain items. Everyone in the family is famous for something, whether it’s Aunt Theresa’s apple pie or Cousin Jimmy’s chicken wings.
  3. Plan a family slide show. Collect family photos—old and new—from everyone and put together a slide show. You can set it to songs like “We are Family,” “Homeward Bound,” “Forever Young,” and “These Are the Times to Remember.”
  4. Take photos and send highlights after the reunion. Capture memories from the reunion on your digital camera. After everyone has returned home, send a free eCard to everyone who attended that includes a photo you took at the event that captures a particularly funny/touching moment. You can also share these through the After Party feature of your event invitation, which includes thank you notes and a spot for videos as well.

Your relatives will have such a wonderful time at this reunion, they’ll want to make it an annual tradition! With these suggestions, the event is sure to be a success. Create your event on Punchbowl to get started!

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