Halloween Party Games for Teens

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Halloween party games for teenagers are a sure way to make a teen party more fun and festive. Though this group can be easily bored, these Halloween games for teens will keep them entertained all night long! Games that require preparation are also fun to plan!
Before you look for game ideas, be sure to send out Halloween invitations online to share important event details and create a fun atmosphere for the celebration. Customize your favorite Halloween invite, send via text or email, and gather RSVPs in minutes.

Here are a few ideas for Halloween party games for teens:

  • Bob for apples: That’s right—though this classic game may seem childish, it’s actually fun for people of all ages! Just set up a big barrel full of water and apples to challenge your teenagers to see if they can pick the apples up without using their hands!

  • Costume dance contest: This is a quick and easy way to get everyone on their feet. You can do contests such as the limbo or just award funny prizes for guests’ costumes. Make sure to have prizes on hand!
  • Murder mystery: This game requires a lot of thought and planning, but it is well worth it! It’s similar to a live action version of clue. For this game, you’ll have to create a story, character list and solution to a murder mystery. Just be sure not to tell any guests about it! Assign everyone at the party a “part” and hide clues around the house. Have them act out the story as they figure out who’s the murderer together! Here are more tips on how to host a murder mystery party.
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  • Halloween night candy hunt: Plant candy around the outside of your home. Once it’s dark out, have guests go on a nighttime candy hunt. Give them bags for candy and flashlights and split them up into groups of 3-4. See how daring they’ll be on Halloween night!
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  • Dirt cake party: If you plan to have a small, casual party, host a dirt cake party! This is a unique idea for the teenager who wants to do something low-key before a larger Halloween party or Halloween night. That way, you’ll have a dirt cake ready to bring to whatever you do next. Here's a delicious dirt cake recipe.   
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  • Halloween Fear Factor: For this game, play a guessing game! Blindfold guests and have them put their hand into a bowl or jar filled with something gross to the touch. Then have them guess what they just touched. Some ideas include Jello, peanut butter and crushed Oreos. Award prizes for the people who have the most accurate guesses.

  • Halloween trivia: Before the party, make up Halloween movie, TV show and history trivia cards. During the party, host a trivia session complete with prizes!

These Halloween games for teenagers are just a few ideas to get you started. These ideas are also Halloween party games for tweens too, so feel free to get as many people in the family involved as you can!
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