How to Plan a Casino Party

A casino party is a great theme for a guy's birthday party. Whether you decide on an all-out casino theme party or a game night, your party will sure to be a big hit!

How to Plan a Casino Party

  • Invitations: Punchbowl has this terrific free casino-themed invitations that you can send to all of your guests to get them excited for your casino theme party. Before you send your invite, decide if you want it to be an upscale casino party (think James Bond in Casino Royale) that might involve guests getting dressed up in cocktail attire, a middle of the road Vegas themed party, or a low-key casino night comprised of poker and beer. Give guests a heads up about what to expect on your invitations.      
  • Games: What's a casino party without the games? There are actually companies that will bring a casino games to your venue so you can have a variety of games for your guests to play. They will often supply the dealers to not only deal the cards, but also explain how the games are played in case some guests are first-timers. If you're party is a little more low-key, you can set up a few tables for some of the more basic games like poker and blackjack. 
  • Party Tip: Instead of using real money (which might be a lot to ask of your guests), print up your own money with the guest of honor's face on the fake bills. Get some prizes so your guests have something to play for—gift cards or a bottle of wine work well. 
  • Food: Casino food can vary greatly. If you've been to Vegas lately, you know that the casinos are filled with upscale restaurants from world-famous chefs in a variety of cuisines. In this case, since your guests will be playing games, you probably don't want a sit-down meal. Set up a buffet with the guest of honor's favorite foods. Guests can take a break from the games to grab a plate for themselves.
  • Cocktails: If you're hosting an upscale casino party, consider setting up a martini bar. Give guests a few liquors from which to choose, set our a few different types of mixer and put garnishes like cherries, olives, and orange slices in small bowls. You can even print up a few menu options or let guests have fun creating their own concoction.


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