Midnight in Paris Themed Birthday

The fashion, the art, the romance… Paris is certainly known for its beauty and charm. And what better place to celebrate your birthday than under the glimmering lights of the Eiffel Tower, even if you are only going as far as your living room! Host a modern, chic affair or get inspired by the movie "Midnight in Paris" and throw a vintage, 1920s soiree.

With the right decorations, music, and food, you will be able to create a gorgeous ‘Night in Paris’ ambiance that will make your birthday simply unforgettable.


  • Hang up large posters of French landmarks, nightspots, and buildings.
  • Use black and white tablecloths to create an elegant atmosphere and accent it using red napkins and dishes.
  • Replace existing lampshades with fringed lampshades to further transform the feel of your place.


  • To start, serve a cheese plate with traditional French cheeses, grapes, and baguette. 
  • Follow the cheese plate with a notable French dish like coq au vin (a braise of chicken cooked with wine and mushrooms), or cassoulet. If your celebration happens during the winter months, serve a French onion soup as your first course.
  • Find French wines or champagne to serve during your Night in Paris party. 
  • Finish up the meal with delicious crepes for dessert! Set out a buffet of fillings for your guests to choose from.

Midnight in Paris Themed Birthday

Midnight in Paris Themed Birthday


  • Set the mood for your party with some French music. There are many wonderful French jazz musicians that you can download to have in the background during dinner. 
  • For a more vintage ambiance, select a compilation of Cole Porter hits.


  • When you send your birthday invitations to your guests, be sure to mention the theme of your party. For a classic celebration, encourage your guests to wear fashion-forward or couture ensembles. For a 1920s theme party, suggest costumes from the flapper era.

Find your fabulous vintage outfit, slick your hair back or put on red lipstick, and get ready to be whisked off to France for your wonderful Night in Paris party!

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