What To Do After Christmas?

Haven't had enough celebrating? Gather family and friends together at the conclusion of the holidays, and throw an after-Christmas party. Consider post-Christmas party ideas such as a leftovers party, New Year’s party, or a twelve days of Christmas party.
Creative after-Christmas party ideas include:
  • Leftovers Party: Plan a Christmas leftovers party for a day or two after the conclusion of the holidays to avoid rotten or wasted food. For those that plan leftovers parties more than a couple days after Christmas, be sure to preserve the food in the freezer. Serve the food in a similar fashion to the holidays, or create a variety of dishes from the leftovers such as chicken pot pie, beef stew, and quiche. Experiment and choose foods that you find fun and ask family and friends to bring their leftovers to make the meal more abundant.
  • New Year’s Party: Start planning your New Year's Eve party early. Send online New Year's Eve invitations six weeks in advance to make sure guests reserve the date for your celebration on their calendars. Throw your party on New Year's Eve even if you know of plans for other New Year’s Eve parties. For drinks, plan champagne and cocktails (New Year's favorites). Prepare non-alcoholic beverages such as apple cider and juice for the kids. For food, offer finger foods and appetizers such as loaded potato skins, mini pizzas, mini hotdogs, chips and dip, and wings.
  • Twelve Days of Christmas: Throw a twelve days of Christmas party to carry on the fun of the holiday. Invite family and friends over and ask each to create a basket to represent the twelve days of Christmas. Include items such as a pair of gloves for the second day, Lucky 7 lottery tickets for the seventh day, and a calendar for the twelfth day. Set a price limit for the baskets. Organize a yankee swap to help distribute the baskets to guests.
Gear up for after-Christmas party planning and keep the joy from the holidays alive. Have fun, socialize with those you love, and take advantage of the opportunity to continue to party! And remember to kickoff your celebration with one of our free Christmas invitations!
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