10 Video Message Prompts for Father’s Day

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This Father’s Day, video ecards are the perfect way to let Dad know how much you appreciate him. Your dad will love to receive a customized Father’s Day video card that lets him see your smiling face and hear your heartfelt message, especially if you can’t be together this year. 

To get started with your video card, first browse our Father’s Day eCards. Our free ecards have the same look as real paper greeting cards without the hassle of visiting a store or post office. In addition to adding a video, senders can also include a personalized written message and deliver instantly from your phone or schedule to deliver on Father’s Day.

Once you have chosen a card design, you can create a video:

  1. Head to the inside of the card in the customization step. 

  2. Click the Add a Video Message button. 

  3. Next, Record or upload your video message. 

  4. Review your video (you can retake it if needed), then save your video. 

Not sure what to say in your video? Here are some video message prompts to help get you started!

  1. Share a favorite memory of growing up with your dad. Whether it’s bedtime stories, a nice trip somewhere, or a memorable holiday, tell him why it’s special to you. 

  2. Tell your dad how he has impacted your life and helped make you who you are today.

  3. What do you love most about your dad? His sense of humor? His generosity? Let him know!

  4. Take out an old photo album, show a few favorite pictures, and reminisce. 

  5. If your dad is a bit of a joker, make up a silly poem or have some good “dad jokes” on hand. 

  6. If you have little ones at home, ask them questions about their dad: What do you love the most about Daddy? What is Daddy really good at? What’s your favorite thing to do with Daddy?

  7. If you both share a favorite band or song, play the song in the background (or better yet sing it yourself!) when wishing your dad a Happy Father’s Day . Music can invoke a lot of fond memories. 

  8. What has been the most important advice your dad has given you? Let Dad know what it is and how it has helped shape you.

  9. Read a quote that reminds you of your dad. Whether it’s from a favorite book, movie, or song, let him know why it and he are so special to you.

  10. Simply say “Thank you.” Think of three things that you want to tell your dad that you’re grateful for.

A heartfelt video is a wonderful way to show all the father-figures in your life how much you love them. With these prompts you’ll be able to create a thoughtful and memorable Father’s Day video your dad will love! 

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