First Father's Day Ideas

The first Father’s Day is a momentous occasion for every new dad. However, trying to plan the perfect day for him including a present and activities can be stressful. Here are some easy first Father’s Day ideas and tips to make the day memorable and special for everyone involved. 
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Keep it simple: Keeping the plans simple and not biting off more than you can chew will ensure that everything goes smoothly without any bumps along the way. Have the focus be around honoring Dad and let him spend quality time with the you and the baby. Less running around will ensure that you can keep the baby on schedule as well.

Focus on Dad: When trying to think of fun activities, ideas or presents to give Dad on his first Father’s Day remember to keep the focus on him. Make plans around his favorite hobby, sport or activity. If he loves to play baseball, consider going to local baseball game with the family or organize a pick-up game with some of his friends.

First Father’s Day Gifts: To make your first Father’s Day present extra special give something that is personal and sentimental. It doesn’t have to be extravagant or expensive, as long as the present is something that Dad can always have to remember his first Father’s Day. For example: 

  •  A personalized Father's Day eCard. Upload a photo to your favorite digital greeting card, customize the message inside, and add a gift card for a special surprise. 
  •  Framed picture of dad and baby, engraved with the date
  •  Video camera or digital camera
  •  Personalized robe and slippers
  • A framed copy of the baby’s hand and foot prints from the hospital
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  •  Silver jewelry (watch, cuff links, money clip)
  •  Dad and baby matching outfits
  •  Custom t-shirt
First Father’s Day Activities: Pick one or two activities to do during the day that you can all do together. They can be as easy as an afternoon walk or as exciting as a family sports outing. Here are some great ideas: 

  •  Breakfast in bed
  •  Family brunch
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  •  Picnic in the park
  •  Baby and dad professional photo shoot
  •  Homemade dinner & cake
  •  Family hike
 The first Father's Day only happens once, so take your time planning and enjoy every minute!
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