Punchbowl will help you plan a party
from start to finish.

Punchbowl offers a modern, effortless way to plan an unforgettable celebration. The site guides hosts through all of the steps of party planning and solves common problems along the way with party planning features including customizable digital invitations, potluck organization, gift registries, local vendor search, and much more.


Party Planning Features

  • Online Invitations

    Send beautiful, customizable digital invitations with matching envelopes, liners, stamps, and postage.

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  • Date Decider

    Get group consensus to help find the ideal date and time for your event to ensure the best turnout.

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  • Manage RSVPs

    Easily keep track of your guest list to see who is attending and follow-up with guests who have not responded.

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  • Potluck

    Ask guests to sign up to bring items to your party and effortlessly manage who's bringing what.

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  • Registries

    Add a gift registry to your invitation so your guests know exactly what to buy for the special occasion.

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  • Supplies and Favors

    Shop our huge selection of party supplies, decorations and favors.

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  • Message Board

    Socialize with guests before and after your event on your party's message board.

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  • Save the Dates

    Send an attractive save the date to inform guests about your event early in the planning process.

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  • Disney Collection

    Send character invitations perfect for any theme and add a bit of Disney magic to your party!

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  • Easy Contact Import

    Import email addresses from multiple sources to quickly and easily build your guest list.

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  • Contributions

    Allow guests to make a financial contribution to your event to help offset expenses or purchase a group gift.

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  • To-do List

    Stay on track with a helpful to-do list to manage all of the items on your party planning checklist.

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  • Share Memories

    Upload photos and video to share party memories and reminisce with guests long after the party is over.

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Is Punchbowl free to use?

Yes, Punchbowl is free to use. You have the option to upgrade your Punchbowl membership to enhance your ability to personalize your events and customize your eCards. Learn more »

If I sign up, will I get spam from Punchbowl?

No. You will not get spam from Punchbowl, nor will we sell your personal information to a third party. Punchbowl will send you status updates about the events you’ve created (you can turn these emails off in your account). We will also keep you informed about new Punchbowl features we think will interest you through our newsletter. If you do not wish to receive our monthly newsletter, simply unsubscribe the first time you receive it and you will not receive it again. Please review our privacy policy for more information.

Can I import my contacts from my email account or from a spreadsheet?

Yes. Punchbowl makes it easy to import contacts from most of the major email providers, including Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail, and Outlook. You can also upload a spreadsheet of contacts in such formats as .csv, .txt, .vcf. Once you’ve imported or uploaded your contacts, Punchbowl’s address book feature allows you to easily manage all of your contacts and create guest lists for your events.

Can I use an existing address book that I have on Evite?

Yes. All you need is your email address and Evite password to easily transfer your address book from Evite to your Punchbowl. In Punchbowl, you can manage your contacts in your address book and create guest lists for your events.

Are there advertisements on Punchbowl?

We understand your concern about advertisements on websites. We don't like obtrusive ads either. We have carefully considered how and when to show advertisements on the site. To create advertising-free eCards, Invitations, and Save the Dates, upgrade your Punchbowl membership. Learn more »

Does Punchbowl have RSVP capabilities?

Yes. Punchbowl offers a wide range of RSVP capabilities that allow hosts to manage guest lists and track RSVPs. The RSVP features allow you to track guest responses, receive comments, and track how many additional guests will be coming to the event. All of our advanced RSVP capabilities are controlled by the host, so you as much flexibility as you want over the RSVP process.

I'm looking for a specific design or template for my event. Do you offer it?

Punchbowl includes an easy to use Digital Invitation Studio where hosts can design their own online save the dates and invitations using a large selection of paperless papers, rubber stamps, fonts, and images. There are also hundreds of pre-made templates available for all occasions such as birthdays, holidays, anniversaries, and other milestone events. With our enormous selection of templates you’re bound to find something you like!

Can I control the font, postage, image and other aspects of my design?

Yes. Punchbowl Digital Invitation Studio allows hosts to customize save the dates and invitations using fonts, Postage, Envelope liners, Rubber greeting stamps and more. Choose from a variety of fonts and incorporate more than one font into your design; upload your own images to add to your design and personalize your design by choosing color variations, rubber stamps, envelope liners, fonts, and more!

Does Punchbowl offer printed save the dates or invitations?

Punchbowl allows you to create online invitations and save the dates intended for email. While you can print your design on your home printer, the site is primarily designed for online usage. We do plan to offer high quality, printable save the dates and invitations in the future.

Are guests required to sign up in order to RSVP?

No. Your guests do not have to sign up to RSVP to your event. Your guests can choose to sign up if they want to get updates about your event or send virtual gifts to the host.

Will you send email or promotions to my guests?

No. Punchbowl does not email your guests for marketing purposes. Your guests will only receive emails from Punchbowl on your behalf with information relevant to your event.

Can I share a Punchbowl event on Facebook or Twitter?

Yes. It's easy to share your event on Facebook or Twitter. Simply use the "Social Networking" page to quickly share a link to your event page.

How is Punchbowl different from Facebook events?

Punchbowl’s sole purpose is to give hosts the tools they need to plan and organize exceptional events. Hosts will find a variety of helpful features on Punchbowl, such as Date Decider, save the dates, an address book, message boards, and advice and planning tips. You can also design attractive, customizable save the dates and invitations using the Punchbowl Design Studio. If you want to impress your guests, Punchbowl will help you plan an exceptional event.

How much time does Punchbowl take to use?

Punchbowl’s step-by-step navigation makes planning and organizing events quick and easy. Our users have told us that they enjoy using Punchbowl during every stage of event planning and enjoy spending time organizing and planning the event. How much time you spend is up to you.

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Purchase a Membership to Get Additional Features

  • Access Exclusive Designs

    Get unlimited access to all of our beautiful invitation and save the date designs in various shapes and stunning color palettes.

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  • Upload Photos

    Want to leave a lasting impression? Upload your own photos to create one-of-a-kind invitations and memorable personalized postage stamps.

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  • Add a Host

    More than one person planning your event? Add a co-host! A co-host can do everything the host can do including edit and send invitations, add guests, and more.

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  • Unlock Exclusive Postage, Liners, and More

    Put the perfect finishing touch on your invitations and save the dates with full access to all of our envelope liners, rubber stamps, and postage.

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  • Recurring Events

    Easily manage weekly or monthly events. Simply create a schedule and we'll automatically send out the invitations for your recurring events.

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  • Polling

    Got questions? Poll your guests to get answers to your pressing event-related questions such as meal choices or music selection.

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