Today's Reason to Celebrate

April 06, 2025 is

National Tartan Day

National Tartan Day honors and celebrates Scottish culture and the role it has played in the development of the United States. Canada has been celebrating Tartan Day since 1993 and the U.S. Senate officially recognized it in 1998.

There are three groups of people that came from Scotland to America - the Lowland Scots, the Highland Scots, and the Scotch-Irish. Each of these groups has influenced American culture. They've passed on Scottish last names, introduced the sport of golf, shared the sounds of the bagpipes, and made tartan a fashion staple!

Tartan is a crisscrossed pattern of horizontal and vertical bands woven into cloth. It is made by weaving colored threads at right angles to each other. The Dress Act of 1746 attempted to ban tartan and other aspects of Gaelic culture in order to bring people under tighter government control. The law was repealed in 1782 and tartan became symbolic as the national dress of Scotland. 

To celebrate National Tartan Day, wear your favorite tartan and celebrate Scottish-American culture!

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