Today's Reason to Celebrate

October 15, 2024 is

National Grouch Day

Today is National Grouch Day! This is a special day for all the grouchy people out there to celebrate. Grouches are typically miserable, grumpy, and irritable. They thrive off of others’ misfortunes, and only then are they “happy”.

National Grouch Day allows all grouches out there to celebrate their way of life. Not a grouch? This day also gives all the normally chipper people a day to complain for once! For those everyday grouches, here are a few ways to live a happier life: do a fun or silly activity, allow yourself only five minutes of negative time, do something to benefit others, or enjoy some healthy foods.

Celebrate National Grouch Day by being pessimistic, cranky, and irritable, and then be nice tomorrow! You can also celebrate by watching an episode of Sesame Street in honor of Oscar the Grouch, or by sending one of our free Sesame Street online invitations for an upcoming party.

  • October 15, 2024 is also Global Handwashing Day | National Chicken Cacciatore Day
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  • This week is World Rainforest Week