Today's Reason to Celebrate

April 15, 2025 is

National Glazed Spiral Ham Day

Today is National Glazed Spiral Ham Day! Glazed spiral ham is a hearty, savory dish that often makes an appearance at holiday feasts. A traditional ham glaze contains sugar, honey or orange juice, and flavorful ingredients like cloves, mustard, and Worcestershire sauce.

Americans have been making glazed ham for many years. Recipes for the dish first appeared in local newspapers during the 1940s. Around the same time, a man named Harry Hoenselaar invented a piece of equipment that could efficiently cut glazed ham into uniform slices. His patented machine carved the ham into a single, continuous spiral. In 1957, Honeselaar opened the first HoneyBaked Ham store. Today, the company has over 400 stores nationwide and sells millions of glazed spiral hams during the holiday season.

If you’ve never tried this delicious treat before, don’t wait until the holidays! Serve a delicious glazed ham for dinner tonight in honor of National Glazed Spiral Ham Day!