What We Believe

We believe that great products are the key to a successful company. So we focus most of our energy on making our products easy to use, and we challenge ourselves to use our own products just like our customers do every day. Some call this "eating your own dogfood" – we call this common sense.

Details Matter

We believe that details matter. We work tirelessly on the details of our product, how we market and sell, and how we communicate to our customers. While we're always true to the original vision of the company, we're also smart enough to know when we have to change course to adapt to our changing times. And the times, they are a-changing.

Superior Design

One change that we're ready to embrace: the world is evolving from paper to digital. Books are moving to digital, photos are moving to digital, and our market is headed that way too. We're committed to providing best-in-class digital solutions for events and celebrations. From our breakthrough Online Invitations platform to our popular Digital Greeting Cards service, we strive to create simple, user-friendly products that solve real customer problems through innovation, usability, and superior design.

Customer Service

While great user experience helps our customers be successful, it's our approach to customer service that really sets us apart. As a company, customer service is in our DNA. We believe that every customer interaction is an opportunity to make a lasting impression. Our CEO believes in this so much that he personally takes customer service calls from users everyday.

Happy Employees, Happy Customers

From customer service to web development, there's no denying that our employees are passionate about what they do. We invest in our employees more than the average company. We give them freedom to step away from work when life calls. We don't count hours, we measure milestones. As they say: happy employees lead to happy customers. And really, that's what it's all about.