Behind the Scenes

Our startup culture is unique – some would even say irreverent. Here's a look behind the scenes at what it's like to be a Punchbowler. And, for more behind the scenes at Punchbowl, follow our CEO Matt Douglas on Twitter.

This is Roxxee, our Receptionist. She's a key member of our team and will be the first one to greet you if you come to our office!
Great companies ship. Our product team meets daily to discuss user interface design, project status, and anything we're hearing from customer service.
Let's face it, the best gum ever made is Big League Chew. At our office, you'll find a variety of flavors including Original, Grape, and Watermelon. After 2, it's time to chew!
Every once in a while, Matt (our CEO) surprises us with an offsite. We've brewed beer, played mini-golf, and even taken batting practice on the field at Fenway Park!
Matt (our CEO) loves Groundhog Day, so it's an official company holiday. The last few years we've taken the day to volunteer with local organizations including a woman's shelter, a food bank, and a town service council.
We're active in the startup community of Boston. You'll find Punchbowlers at local industry events and every year we host our own party, called Punchbowl Mixer.