Toby Circus Ballantine

1590 Siesta Drive

Sarasota, FL 34289

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"I'm number one in Tampa too! "

"That's the first time that ever happened again!"

The Magical enthusiast! The real thing! Mind reading too! It's impossible! But there it is! "Right before your very eyes!" The subtlety of misdirection writ large! A slight of hand magician visits, bringing oooohs ahhhhs laughs and applause! His collection of magic is unending; cards fly, coins transform, ropes are restored! . Ballantine both creates and performs close up magic effects! He performs Forty minutes of stand up comedy magic, nonstop, and that's just the beginning! Usually onstage, but his table hopping is also very good. He is the type of magician that does Ridiculous magic very seriously...he always includes a volunteer from audience, and performs outstanding, old timey, absolutely silly magic effects and pitches. The stand up gags Include his hilarious life story as a circus performer and sideshow magician. The audience gets involved. They contribute to the fast pace, by laughing and applauding! Ballantine offers them a fun glimpse of real life on the magic stage, touring with circus tent shows, while thoroughly putting over quite hokey classic magical effects. It is the oldest way to enjoy magic, through comedy and tall tales...relaxing round the to speak...

Your guests will talk it over for at least two weeks! (Great for magic clubs) Ballantine is the magician that magicians want to see!

Born on the tent show circus, Toby watched circus magicians As a child. can tell...please see for bio and some reviews.and fun videos.

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