Scratch & Sniff Digital Invitations
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Digital Invitations That Look & Smell Great
Innovative Technology

Scratch & Sniff Digital Invitations are the most advanced technology in the celebrations industry. Our platform is unparalleled, and we'll never stop pushing the envelope on what is possible.

Unforgettable Experience

We help party hosts send the most memorable digital invitations their guests have ever received. Scratch & Sniff Digital Invitations will surprise, stun, and delight your friends and family.

Better Than Paper

Scratch & Sniff Digital Invitations aren’t 'just as good' as paper invites. They're better. It's easy to communicate the warm, cozy feeling of your holiday celebration with an invite that looks and smells great.

Smell for Yourself Scratch one of these stickers on your phone screen. Scent might not work on your device.
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who is behind Scratch & Sniff Digital Invitations?

This cutting-edge technology is brought to you by Punchbowl®, the most innovative platform for sending free digital invitations. Download the app from Punchbowl for iOS or Android.

Is this science fiction?

At Punchbowl, we build the best technology for celebrations. We believe smell technology is the next frontier for consumers, and we’re committed to delivering the most memorable digital invitations on the planet.

How do I send Scratch & Sniff digital invitations?

Scratch & Sniff Digital Invitations are currently in beta test mode. We’re excited about the potential of this technology and how it could transform the way people send and receive invitations. To send the most memorable digital holiday invitations without smell this holiday season, download our free app for iOS or Android, or visit

How will it work?

Scratch & Sniff Digital Invitations will be made possible with a proprietary algorithm developed by the Punchbowl engineering team. When paired with third-party mobile devices capable of scent delivery, we will offer an unparalleled digital invitation experience.

Can I suggest a scent?

We would love to hear from you. Tweet us your thoughts, suggestions, and ideas @Punchbowl on Twitter.