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Other companies look to Punchbowl to provide insight into the world of social expressions and celebrations. We’ve assembled an expert team to help agencies and brand marketers understand the celebrations market through research, trends, and data. Our Trends & Data team scours the Internet to compile data about the industry and makes that information available for marketers through free white papers.

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    Our research team is the best in the business. They scour the Internet for valuable knowledge about the celebrations industry and deliver it to marketers in a way that can be easily consumed to impact decisions for their brands.

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    We have a wealth of data and insights about the celebrations industry. Download our free white papers to discover the ins and outs of the celebrations market to best position your brand for success.

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    The Punchbowl Trends blog provides marketers and agencies with valuable data on the $38 billion celebrations industry so they can effectively reach an influential audience: moms.

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