You're Engaged: What To Do Now

Yeah, you’re engaged! Once the excitement subsides, you may feel a tad overwhelmed about all of the things you need to do. Really, it’s not that bad. Here’s a checklist of things to do once you get engaged.

  • Send an engagement announcement: Spread the word about your engagement with a beautiful, custom engagement announcement.
  • Set a timeline: When do you want to get married? This year or next? Spring or fall? Do you have other commitments that you need to work around such as school or work commitments?
  • Set a budget: Do you have any money set aside for your wedding? Will anyone help you with expenses (bride’s parents, groom’s parents)? Can you afford a large or small wedding?
  • Decide the guest list: Once you determine how big or small your wedding will be, you’ll need to create the guest list. You’ll probably end up starting with a longer list than is realistic, so be prepared to cut it down.
  • Host an engagement party: Once you know the guest list, you can start planning your engagement party. (It’s a no-no to invite people to the engagement party that won’t be invited to the wedding.) Punchbowl has online invitations and party planning ideas for engagement parties.
  • Choose your wedding party: Think about who you want in your wedding party. How many people do you want on each side? Who do you want as your maid of honor? It’s standard to ask people to be in your wedding party anywhere from six to nine months before the wedding.

Once these items are taken care of you can transition over to all out wedding planning.

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