When You Should Send Engagement Announcements

One of the most exciting moments in a person's life is when they become engaged. It means they have found their lifetime partner and that they're ready to make it official. It's very tempting to tell it to the world or announce an engagement on Facebook or via mass text message. However, there is proper engagement announcement etiquette and following it means that everyone in your life feels included and excited about your upcoming nuptials.

Steps to announcing an engagement:

  • If there are children from a previous relationship, make sure they know the big news first.
  • Tell the bride's parents first and then the groom's, and try to make it in person or on the phone rather than text or email.
  • Next, call grandparents, siblings, close relatives, and friends. Again, it's best to try telling people in person or on the phone.
  • Once the announcement has been delivered to all the special people in your life, decide how to do a public announcement. You can use a newspaper, party, website, or a formal mailed or emailed announcement. 

For a newspaper announcement, include the couple's career and education paths, and parent names. Also add hometowns, where the couple currently lives, and what time of year the wedding will be. An announcement at a party can be casual or formal based on the crowd. A popular option is to have the husband-to-be announce the news with a champagne toast.

There are tons of options for launching a wedding website. Put all the relevant information on the site, along with pictures, the story behind how the couple met as well as a message board for guests to write comments. As for when to send engagement announcements in the mail, try to send them shortly after the news has been told to close family and friends.

Punchbowl has a wide array of free engagement announcements that can be sent via email. It's a simple and easy way to announce the news and it can be customized any way you want. The best part about a digital engagement announcement is that there aren't any worries about engagement announcement timing. It's delivered right then and there!

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